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By August 20, 2015Blog

I was seven.  After weeks of cutting out cardboard, rehearsals, and decorating with glitter, we were ready.  It was the school production of Hansel and Gretel and I was in a gingerbread costume.  That was my first experience with ginger but it wasn’t until years later when I learned that it’s more than just the name of a cookie, ginger is an ingredient to make gingerbread, something people actually eat.

Now it is more than 20 years later and I am still discovering what it is all about.  We eat it as a palette cleanser with sushi, it’s fried with garlic in Indian foods, Canada Dry makes ale with it, and it’s a popular tea in Asia.  But this is all just scratching the surface . . .  and scientists are digging deeper to get better acquainted with all of its magnificent qualities.

Does it Fight Cancer. . . and Even Cure it?

Although it’s been a household favorite for many due to digestion-friendly properties, ginger also contains an incredible curative power which has been proven for a host of illnesses.  The spice comprises indispensable nutrients and revitalizing compounds. While ginger has been proven to relieve numerous minor ailments such as a cold, flu, and upset stomach; another health benefit of ginger includes fighting cancer more effectively than medical cancer drugs.  It is also considered superior to medicinal drugs not only in fighting but also in defeating cancer, motion sickness, as well as inflammation.  Click here for the full publication.

The word cancer is kind of scary just to hear the name and it carries heaviness to it. What comes to mind is its challenging and often excruciating processes and effects. Cancer treatments are known to be intense and frequently kill off the patient’s healthy cells while killing off cancer cells. The combination of drugs given to cancer patients are sobering, not to mention the side-effects from the treatment which are diverse and also difficult. Many people are skeptical about using natural remedies to treat diseases like cancer, but the efficiency of ginger in treating cancer, its after-effect and symptoms is becoming more recognized. Numerous studies have been carried out regarding the use of ginger in treating cancer and results proved that the cancer cells died from interaction with the ginger solution. More than 17 other studies also reached the same conclusion on the anticancer benefits of ginger, while ginger spice was shown to have significant impact on beyond 101 diseases.

Ginger for Gastrointestinal Relief

Recent double-blind studies have validated the effectiveness of ginger in thwarting the symptoms of motion sickness, particularly seasickness. In one study, it was revealed to be more efficient compared to Dramamine, a commonly used medicinal drug for motion sickness. This amazing food works effectively in reducing all symptoms related to motion sickness: dizziness, vomiting, nausea and cold sweating.


Ginger has been used for years to either moderate inflammation and/or treat inflammatory conditions. A study that was published in Cancer Prevention Research journal revealed that when the root supplement was administered to participants voluntarily, it reduced inflammation markers found in the colon within one month. And by reducing inflammation, the threat of colon cancer is also expected to decrease. However; natural ginger is generally safe for most people and may cause very little to none known side effects. To other people, it may aggravate symptoms of acid reflux. The efficiency and side effects from ginger supplements will differ by brand and most probably formulation.

So What Now. . .

How many of us have lost a loved one from cancer. . . or have had to see them suffer through it?  Let’s not ignore that oddly shaped brown plant in the food aisle anymore!