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5 Best Times to Freshen Breath

By June 5, 2017Blog
When to freshen breath

Best time to freshen breath

You might not spend much time thinking about it, but fresh breath is an essential part of building good relationships. Making a good first impression is important when meeting potential friends, co-workers, or romantic partners. Making a good second, third, and fourth impression is a pretty good idea as well.

Bad breath can bring a conversation to a halt and put a damper on any potential relationship. Chewing gum isn’t always appropriate, and it can cause unpleasant bloating.

Be confident whenever you interact with others by making Moondani breath spray part of your daily routine. These little bottles can fit anywhere. Keep one in your bag, in the car, and where ever else your stash beauty essentials. When are the best times to freshen your breath?

1. When you wash your hands. Any time you stop in a restroom to wash your hands, you’re probably also doing a quick hair and make-up check. Add a quick spritz of Moondani to the routine.

2. During a transition time. Keep a bottle of Moondani in the car. Freshen up right before you hop out so you’re ready for anything.

3. After eating. Never stress about the onions or garlic in your salad! Worries about bad breath shouldn’t limit your meal choices. Be prepared with Moondani in your purse. Make a quick stop in the restroom to freshen up and move on with confidence.

4. Before an important meeting. If you know you’ll be meeting someone for the first time, don’t take a risk. You’ll be more confident and able to let your true self shine if you don’t have to worry about your breath.

5. When entering a small or crowded room. In a small or crowded area, your personal space is sure to be invaded. If you know you’re fresh, you won’t find yourself in a sudden panic trying to focus on not breathing near anyone.

There’s enough to stress about, don’t waste another day worrying about your breath. Order here.