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3 Hair Hacks to Get Cute Quick

By May 15, 2017Blog
stop the sloppy bun hair hacks
Hair Hacks, sloppy bun, cute quick

Hair hacks to cute quick hair

You know those mornings where you snooze one too many times?

Or those phone calls that say “be ready in 30 minutes, were going out”?

We are no strangers to getting ready “on the fly”. Sometimes you have to make the ultimate sacrifice of wearing a cute outfit, or having more than a sloppy bun, but why can’t we have both? Well, you can, and here are 3 hacks to make it happen in 30 minutes or less.

  1. Dry shampoo, Are you familiar? You should be! If not, let me introduce you to my little, life-saving, friend. I’m not talking about a steel can of scented aerosol. For darker hair, cocoa powder, and for lighter hair shades, baby powder. They blend in quickly, and absorb oils like no tomorrow. Get rid of the grease, and smell good enough to eat.
  2. Space buns, hun. Works perfect for medium or long hair styles. Just dampen your hair a little, part it down the middle, and roll that hair up into two buns. One on each side. (It’s also stylish to sport that look, FYI.) Give your hair 15-20 minutes to dry, and when you let the buns down, you’ve got waves for days. No cyber-curls here, but a little movement to keep it flirty never hurt.
  3. Braids. This one speaks for itself. Braids are cute for any occasion, made dirty hair look less-messy, and are perfect for clean hair because they create a great next-day wave. The front of your hair gets dirty the quickest, because it’s touching your face, so throw your bangs in a side brain and pin them up. Cute AND quick.

This three tips will take care of the hair, while you pick out a drop-dead outfit. Keep it simple with a little mascara and a bold lip, the world will be blown away by how effortless you look.