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Haftseen for Nowruz, the Persian New Year

By March 20, 2018Blog
haftseen, persian new year
Happy Nowruz! It’s the time of year when Persians all over the world look forward to the spring vernal equinox with a clean house and a table filled with 7 symbols, called a HaftSeen.  It is a tradition rooting back to Zoroastrianism that started over 3,500 years ago in Iran.


Wondering what the symbols are?  From sweetness to prosperity to health, the HaftSeen table is filled with 7 auspicious items all starting in Farsi with the letter “S”.  What will the table bring us for the new year?  Let’s take a look. . .

Sabzeh (lentil sprouts)

Is for rebirth.  Feeling unbalanced?  Just sprout some lentils or wheat berries starting about 10 days before the New Year and let it grow.  You’ll feel like a new person with a fresh new outlook on life.

Samanu (sweet pudding)

Sweet is the word and it symbolizes abundance and fertility.  May your year be filled with abundant sweetness.

Serkeh (vinegar)

Vinegar is for wisdom and patience.  May you be wise enough to know the route and patient enough to trust the journey.

Seer (garlic)

H is for health, as is garlic. Cheers to a year filled with great health which means less doctor visits for you.

Senjed (dried fruit)

Senjed represents love.  Let it rain love for you this year.  Expect a flood of hot babes rushing towards you.

Seeb (apple)

The apple is a symbol of beauty.  After all, isn’t that what Eve thought too?  It’s time to catapult you into a beauty filled year.

Sumac (spice)

Warm up to the brilliant gold color of Sumac, which represents the sunrise on the haftseen table.

S is also for Sonbol (hyacinth) and Sekkeh (coins)

For bonus items, place a sonbol (hyacinth) on the table.  Representing spring, it will beautify the haftseen with its colorful bulbs and sweet aroma.  And a haftseen wouldn’t be complete without sekkeh (coins) to bring you that promotion you rightly deserve or the winning lottery ticket, finally.

Goldfish, Mirror and Eggs

So we have the symbols of the haftseen, but Persians like to add more flair to the table with a goldfish which represents movement, a mirror for self reflection, and eggs for fertility.
Well, there you have it.  The haftseen table is meant to give you all that life has to offer.  Make it an even better year with me and my ability to give you breath so fresh you’ll be like bad breath was so last season.
Xoxo, Moondani