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Mouthwash Misconceptions – Myths vs. Truth

By March 16, 2018Blog
mouthwash misconceptions

Mouthwash is pretty straightforward, right? You put it in your mouth. It makes the bad smells go away, eliminates plaque, and it even is great for doing windows… Wrong?

Believe it or not, there are so many time-wasting myths about mouthwash that are costing you money.

Let’s examine what you think you knew about this wonderful liquid.

All Mouthwashes Are Created Equal

Were you aware that there are two different categories that mouthwash falls into? It can either be therapeutic or cosmetic. A therapeutic mouthwash contains chemicals that will reduce plaque and fight cavities. Make sure to check the label so that you aren’t wasting your time with a cosmetic rinse that will only temporarily freshen your breath. Try to get rid of bad breath naturally by making your own natural mouthwash. Reading the contents is a great step in the right direction to healthier lifestyle habits that will remedy bad breath and fight cavities.

Harm vs. Harmless

This is a dangerous myth that is not true. It’s important that you remember that one of the most active ingredients in mouthwash is alcohol. It is not advised that children ingest alcohol so be careful when choosing a mouthwash. There are some ayurvedic and homeopathic mouthwashes that have trace amounts of alcohol or none at all. The hardest part is getting kids to use an earthy mouthwash due to the unsavory taste. Explore and test. This will pay off in the end.

The Cure for Bad Breath

This is partially true.

The duration of time that you feel fresh breath will depend on how much alcohol your product has. It’s an interesting thing to discover that alcohol dries out your mouth and a dry mouth is the cause of bad breath.

Stay hydrated! Water is the best natural beauty product you can invest in.

Mouthwash IS Brushing

Rinsing your mouth with a liquid DOES NOT replace brushing. This is not a healthy lifestyle habit. The best mouth routine consists of multiple brushing and flossing of teeth and using either a cosmetic or therapeutic mouthwash. Remember to drink lots of water. This will ensure that the mouth is hydrated and will help to prevent bad breath. Get rid of morning breath by staying vigilant with oral cleanliness throughout the day.

Why Should Your Mouth Have All The Fun?

We don’t suggest using mouthwash for anything other than it’s intended purpose. However here’s a list of other lifestyle uses we thought you might enjoy:

  • Dandruff Control
  • Window Cleaner
  • Wound Disinfectant
  • Toilet Freshener
  • Deodorant
  • Shoe Deodorizer

Have you tried any of these uses? Do you have any other home cures for bad breath? Let us know in the comments.

Happy Brushing!