I’m made of organic, natural, and non-gmo ingredients. . .

Great exotic flavored breath spray that counters the taste of morning coffee way better than any mint version

LOVE THE FLAVOR! This is not minty as the ingredient list shows. It has a wonderfully simple ingredient list: distilled water, organic vegetable glycerin, ginger extract, cardamom oil, fennel oil, and natural flavors. It is a cute little spritzer bottle as shown in the listing.

My box was orange and not blue (as picture shows) and was simply sent in a wrapped box and that box has those little tape dots to show tampering on the opening ends of the box. I feel this flavor lasts longer than some other breathe freshener sprays I’ve used in the past. I love breath sprays as I love drinking coffee, with cream and sugar, and always worry about having bad breathe because I am in customer service and ew! So I always make sure to have a gum or breath mint or spray in my pocket, but the mints can jingle annoyingly or gum melts in the TX heat if you forget it in your car.

And many of those can leave that nasty residue or taste on the back of your tongue after a few minutes and that isn’t any better or they make you need to wash it down with water. I like to stay natural whenever possible and some of the more natural breath fresheners are kinda weird or are pure peppermint oil to the brain! This one isn’t mellow by any means but it doesn’t make me sneeze when I use it either, and this is more acceptable flavor to blend with coffee residue on the tongue and seems to last awhile. It really does only take one spray to freshen up.

This doesn’t leave any residue of flavor at all that makes me want to drink water either to wash it away. All in all this is my new go to breath spray! My husband just doesn’t like the idea of a breath spray or drop at all-he only likes gum, but he tried it anyway and said the flavor is fine, and he has no problem with me using it all the time either so it is definitely not offensive, even though its not HIS favorite flavor. Not minty but still gives that freshness of mint (maybe its the ginger?) but it’s not quite licorice flavored or a full cardamom pod flavor either, a wonderful exotic blend of spices that mellow well on the tongue.

By T. L. Pistole on April 13, 2016

Five Stars

I received one of these in my Goode Box subscription and I really likde it. That’s obvious, eh?

By Peanut on December 8, 2016

Love, love this product it's the best breath freshener ...

Love,love this product it’s the best breath freshener in the market ever everyone should try it to experience the amazing long lasting aroma ???????

By Horieh Fard on May 23, 2016

Five Stars

Nice, wife lips look tasty

By Amazon Customer on October 26, 2016

This product has such an amazing flavor!

This product has such an amazing flavor!! I am not usually a breath spray person but I wanted to try this because it’s all natural and I am so glad I did. It’s much better than chewing gum which is what I would do in the past. I find myself reaching for this spray often, it’s so refreshing!!!

By Koren Amonette on May 26, 2016

Five Stars

Very nice alternative for mints.

By Amazon Customer on June 7, 2016

Always have great-smelling breath

I am a gum person, spicy hot cinnamon gum is my favorite but chewing gum has it’s limitations. I won’t chew gum at work, that’s not appropriate. When I need to freshen my breath and brushing my teeth is not an option, I’ll use mints. But I have a tendency to chew the mints and before I know it I’ve eaten an entire pack of mints.

I’ve used breath sprays but they have not been my favorite until I tried Moondani. It’s so mild, exotic and long-lasting and I feel confident that my breath is fresh and clean for longer. I resist the urge for chewing gum and mints by keeping the little spray bottle in my desk drawer for a quick spritz when I need it. It’s an all natural and healthy way to avoid being embarrassed by stale breath.

It’s a convenient and small purse item so I always carry it with me. I received a discounted product to examine and in return agreed to give an unbiased and honest review. I like sharing my opinions about my purchases and rely on reviews and ratings to assist me in my buying decisions.

By ScreenShopper on May 13, 2016

Looks, tastes, and works GREAT!

When I received this little bottle in the mail, I had no idea what to expect. I used to use breath mists all the time but so many of them now are no longer sold. “Would it taste OK?” and “Would it actually work?” are the two questions that came to mind before I tried it.

Let’s start with the fact that it looks great! Honestly, no one would ever know that it is breath mist that you have in your purse, pocket, or makeup bag. It is pretty light weight, has a glass bottom and gold top that looks phenomenal for a product of this kind. I don’t think I would ever be worried about it breaking in my pocket because the glass is pretty thick.

This mist not only looks great, but it tastes amazing and left my mouth feeling completely clean and clear of “nasty breath” for quite a while. I used 2 sprays of the breath mist before I walked into a meeting. When I left, I was shocked when I realized I still had that clean fresh taste in my mouth. From my experience with other sprays, you use them and 10 to 15 minutes later you can no longer taste them.

When I first saw the price of this mist, I was a bit taken back. My initial thought was how on earth could a breath mist cost this much. With this product, the fact that it lasts so long makes it worth the price because you are going to get much more out of this little bottle than you will with some of the other less expensive brands out there.

By Courtney Prince on April 26, 2016

Great product and long lasting

It is really refreshing. Great product and long lasting!!

By Amazon Customer on May 27, 2016

Natural breath freshener

I was looking for a natural breath freshener and tried this for first time. Really like it – fresh pleasant taste and easy small dispenser.

By DoxieMomOf4 on January 7, 2017

Perfect item!

I have been battling Geographic tongue for 30 years. I have tried everything. This product amazingly cleared it in a day! I am definitely going to buy more.

It has a great subtle minty taste. It is perfect for people who are sensitive to mouth products that has alcohol as this product is very mild, but very effective. I am so grateful that it exists.

By Jewelry Designer on July 1, 2016


I really like the flavor and it really works!

By KievaNina on June 1, 2016