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A Twiggy Toothbrush

By November 7, 2017Blog
natural toothbrush

The first thing many of us do in the morning is brush our pearly whites, not only to ensure dental hygiene, but to also get rid of morning breath. It’s almost second nature to us to clean our teeth with a thick strip of toothpaste and a plastic, manufactured toothbrush. But, what if there was a more natural way to fight bad breath and bacteria?

There is another way, and it’s called the Miswak.

According to Wikipedia, the Miswak has been used for oral hygiene for nearly 7,000 years. It’s simply a twig from the Salvadora persica tree. These twigs are extremely fibrous, so when cut these fibers create bristles perfect for teeth cleaning. All you have to do is cut  fresh set of bristles when you’re ready to brush your teeth, and you have a brand-new toothbrush! This is way more hygienic than using that same old toothbrush over and over, where bacteria can grow easily.

Not only are Miswaks a natural alternative to modern toothbrushes, but they are also said to have unique health benefits. Scientific studies have shown that using Miswaks can lower an individual’s need to periodontal treatments, which will not only save you from expensive dental bills but also unnecessary trips to the dentist!

Some believe that Miswaks can also enhance taste. Because they don’t use harsh, minty disinfectants, your tongue is better able to enjoy all the yummy food you want to enjoy.

Miswaks have been used for thousands of years, and using them is eco-friendly and also user-friendly. Who wouldn’t want to have fresh breath and healthy teeth while also helping the environment and enjoying all the delicious flavors the world has to offer?